Get Involved!


Tree County Players has been an all-volunteer group since we began in 1971. All actors, dancers, directors, producers, costumers, make-up artists, set constructors, set decorators, musical directors, vocal coaches, choreographers, publicity workers, ushers, ticket takers, board members, orchestra musicians, prop masters, stage hands, light crews, sound crews, party planners and everyone else volunteer their time and talents to Tree County Players.

Why do we do it? Because we LOVE theater. We love the process, the on stage time, the opportunity to grow in confidence, share our talents with the community, the friends, laughs and most of all the gift of affordable live theater that we give to the local community. Community Theater is often the only live theater most people experience. Jetting to NYC to see a $100-$200 a seat show or even attending a $50 a seat professional show in Indianapolis or Cincinnati is often too costly for the average small town resident. Because TCP is an all-volunteer group, we are able to offer top quality shows at bargain prices. Get involved and join the fun. Listed below are several ways you can get involved in TCP. Click on the link for more information.