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Our Vision meets the Community Vision

Opening Doors to Opening Acts is a capital campaign melding the well-documented experience of a local organization with the vision of the community in which it operates. Tree County Players' (TCP) mission supports the addition of a variety of performances ranging from small musical acts, to speakers, single performer shows, comedy acts and a number of other performing arts activities to enrich the community. Their vision will bring the dream of a local "open calendar with regular entertainment" to life.

In 2016, local residents expressed the desire for a variety of entertainment and the arts in the Community Vision as stated: "The addition of performance venues received significant support across the data collection process. Most notes, a 'small, staged theater of approximately 250 seats' would fill a void that currently exists. The facility would offer a more intimiate setting for speakers, musical performances, plays, comedy events and present an open calendar for regular entertainment that could offer a regional draw and drive economic activity." Likewise, in 2016, TCP embarked on a strategic planning process where the desire for a permanent home that would accomodate the community's needs was prioritized.

Our History

Tree County Players was founded in 1971 by Cleo Duncan, Sue Colee and George Granholt. The group successfully provided new residents with an interest in theater an outlet for their talents and a way to interact and network with other community residents. Over the past 46 years, TCP has presented over 125 full scale productions ranging from small plays to large musicals. They have involved hundreds of volunteers as performers, committee members, directors, producers and committee chairs. In the fall of 1989, TCP purchased a 3,200-square foot building on South Monfort St. to be utilized as a storage and rehearsal space in the interim, pending a performance space. Exactly 27 years later, the Players Board toured the former Wesleyan Church at the corner of Main and West Streets and found it to be well maintained and to offer the potential for an appropriate-sized community playhouse.

Our Future

Given the alignment with the Community Vision, TCP decided to embark on a capital campaign to purchase and equip the building at 634 W Main Street for a multi-purpose use. Besides providing TCP with a new playhouse, Opening Doors to Opening Acts will provide reinforcement for the city's stellar designation application by demonstrating responsiveness to the desires expressed in the Community Vision. A successful capital campaign will impact the future of the organization and afford collaborative partnerships with other organizations and groups in the community.